Yoga to Heal Hidden Wounds

Trauma or Abuse doesn’t define you.

Women’s only classes and retreats offer a calm, safe place to reconnect with your Warrior Spirit and heal.


Your mind is always racing and spinning and worrying.

Constant stress and anxiety.



Trauma or abuse can rob you of your sense of safety.

Your sense of peace.

Your sense of self.


I understand. I’ve been there.

I started practicing yoga to deal with traumatic events in my own life.

At first, yoga class was a welcome distraction. It was a specific time in my day to forget about everything else.

But it quickly started to feel like coming home. To myself.

Yoga became my daily refuge to forget about the emotional turmoil and simply focus on being present in my own body. In my own spirit. In my own essence.

Yoga opened up the path to healing old wounds and started me on a journey of spiritual connection.

Now I help other women who have experienced sexual trauma, domestic abuse, or violence find their way back to themselves.

These classes and retreats are different. Grounded in extensive education, research, and experience working with trauma survivors, these yoga and meditation classes are tailored to meet the needs of people on a healing journey – physically and emotionally.

Together, we focus on deeper relaxation, connecting with yourself, and your journey of wellness and healing.

Trauma, abuse, or pain doesn’t define who you are.

You are stronger than your past. Reconnect with your Warrior Spirit and find that connection to your best self.