Yoga & Meditation Retreats For Your Warrior Spirit

A healing Centered Approach to More Joy, More Peace, and More Gratitude

Whether you are looking to tap into your warrior spirit, looking for a journey of spiritual connection, need to heal inner wounds, or are simply ready to make positive changes, our retreats are for you.

From newbies to more experienced yogis, we meet you wherever you are on your yoga journey.

It’s time to reconnect with joy, celebrate your strength, and be renewed from the inside out.


For anyone

  • Dealing with chronic stress
  • With a desire for a deeper inner connection
  • With a desire for improved health and well being
  • Dealing with insomnia
  • Living with chronic pain
  • Recovering from trauma or physical abuse

We’ve created a calm, safe place to bring back lightheartedness, celebrate your strength, and reconnect with your Warrior Spirit.


I'm Lisa.

I create yoga retreats that are inspirational, restoring, and rejuvenating.

My own yoga journey has been a path of healing and gratitude.

I started studying yoga to deal with traumatic events in my life.

Yoga class was a welcome distraction. It was a specific time in my day to forget about everything else.

Yoga became my daily refuge to forget about the emotional turmoil and simply focus on being present in my own body. In my own spirit. In my own essence.

Yoga opened up the path to healing old wounds and started me on a journey of spiritual connection.

Now I help my students create their own healing transformations and support their journey to peaceful connection and joy.


I'm putting together dates for 2019 now!  If you'd like to be the first to receive information, use the contact button below to get in touch and I'll make sure you are on the VIP list to receive notification and qualify for early discounts and offers!