Private 60 Minute iRest Session


iRest® Meditation is a powerful healing tool and even more so When we bring iRest into private consultation and it becomes very personalized to you and the work you wish to do.

Yoga Nidra in private sessions
We will have a discussion about what your goals are and what you would like to work on during your iRest session and I will develop a session that will guide you using imagery and language that will make the yoga nidra very personal for you and facilitate the growth and/or healing you seek.

iRest dyad meditation
Alternatively we can undertake the dyad practice, which is a co-meditation. In this form of iRest, we hold your meditation in a dialogue. This is an immensely powerful meditation that helps you to access deeper levels and often results in deep integration. A series of dyad meditations can result in even deeper healing.

Sessions can be held in person, via telephone, or via Zoom.


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