I teach several different styles of yoga & meditation so that each of my clients can have a personalized experience. My classes can be tailored to help each student reach their personal goals.



A form of yoga nidra, iRest is based on ancient yogic teachings, but made accessible for modern day life. It is designed to bring the healing benefits of yogic and meditative practices to a wide variety of people. iRest can be practiced by anyone, regardless of whether you are a lifelong meditator or if you have never tried meditation before.

It is a mind-body approach that can help people integrate healthy self-care and lifestyle practices into their daily lives that help alleviate pain, promote better sleep, increase resiliency, and reduce anxiety. Read more here.


The practice of physical yoga postures to align and calm the body and mind. In this style, there is no flow between poses and we approach each pose independently but mindful of our goals and intents for the practice in a sequence that meets those needs. Each practice will utilize a different set of poses from the classical Hatha tradition. This is the most common style of yoga upon which most other styles are based. Poses include seated poses, back bends, standing poses, and resting poses.

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Studio Classes


Vinyasa style yoga practice is one that includes a ‘flow’ between poses. Literally, the term means to use the breath in movement to go from one pose to another. The sequencing of poses is such that one can go from one to another with flowing movement in tune with the breath.


Yin yoga works a deeper level of the body and mind. A slow-paced style, we use primarily seated postures which are held for longer periods of time than in traditional practices of Hatha or Vinyasa. This practice offers a very meditative and intimate experience that takes the practitioner deep into the feelings and sensations in the body and challenges the mind to stillness. This practice targets the deep connective tissues in the joints and provides increased flexibility and mental stability.

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Restorative Yoga:

This style of yoga is a gentle meditative practice designed to rest and restore the body to a calm state. We will use props such as bolsters, blocks, blankets to support the body in a comfortable resting stretch while the mind is focused to stillness and relaxation.

Yoga Nidra:

The literal translation of Nidra is sleep. However, Yoga Nidra is a dynamic state, not the unconscious sleep of nighttime. It is a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation. On the most basic level, Yoga Nidra relaxes, rejuvenates and renews the physical body. Through regular practice, Yoga Nidra enables you to achieve an integrated state in which your body moves towards self-healing on a physical, mental and emotional plane.

Yoga Therapy




Just like a general class but one-one-one instruction just for you. Can be taught in the styles of Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Hatha, or Restorative.

Sessions can be held in person, via telephone, or via Zoom. You will receive an e-mail after purchase and we can arrange a time and method to connect.


Classes offered at Kalaheo Yoga ~ 4427 Papalina Road, Kalaheo, HI 96741